Saekson Janjira is recognized as one of the best trainers in America. Saekson Janjira has produced many of today’s top champions in a majority of martial arts events around. Janjira Muay Thai Is used in most of today’s martial arts events including, UFC, K1, King of the Cage, and all other major competitions around the world. Janjira Muay Thai doesn't just train people in the art of Muay Thai, but rather teaches you how to becoma a Muay Thai Champion.


Saekson teaches the beginner, intermediate, and advance classes. He also teaches private one on one lessons and during open gym.


• 6 Time Undefeated World Champion

• 30+ years in Martial Arts

• Karate and Kickboxing Hall of Fame

• Over 200 Professional fights

• Known as the Best Muay Thai Instructor in America

• Trained Countless Numbers of Champions in Sports Today

• World Light Weight Professional Muay Thai Champion

• International Sport Muay Thai Association (I.S.M.T.A.) Champion

• World Kru Muay Association (W.K.M.A) Champion

• Intercontinental Champion of the (W.K.A)


Learn Authentic Muay Thai and kickboxing techniques from 6-time World Muay Thai Champion, Saekson Janjira. Our main class: Muay Thai - utilizes bags, pads, and physical contact during this high-paced, technique driven class which includes punching, kneeing, kicking and elbows—known as the art of 8 limbs. This is a high-paced learning class for individuals of all levels and ages looking for a basic knowledge of the sport and a sensational workout.


Muay Thai Fitness is a non-contact class which utilizes mostly bag and instructor led padwork throughout this high-intensity cardio punching and kicking workout. An extreme calorie burner, each class is unique, fast-paced and fun! All levels are welcome.

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